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With Core i3and GT740M discrete graphics, Dell 5470 touch notebook

Dell Vostro 5470 Series 14-inch laptops are with Haswell processors across the board, among which the cheapest one uses Core i3-4010U processor, NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M graphics card and 14-inch multi-touch screen. Dell Vostro 5470 (5470R-1328) notebook is equipped with 14-inch multi-touch screen, integrated aluminum structural body,

HP Classmate notebook bring Bay Trail to the classroom

HP is updating its Classmate notebook for students and schools by adding a bit of Bay Trail for long battery life and improved performance. The new HP Classmate is a small notebook with an Intel Celeron N2000 series processor and Windows 8.1 software. Like earlier models, the

Xbox One Sells Over 65k Units in Australia in 3 days

Microsoft launched its next generation game console called the Xbox One less than a month ago. Microsoft doesn’t often give up sales statistics for individual areas, but the company did say that it sold over a million units the first day the console launched around the world.

Giada F300 is a small, silent Haswell desktop

Giada’s been offering small form-factor desktops for a few years, often with low-power Intel Atom processors. One of the company’s newest models packs a bit more punch, thanks to an Intel Core i5-4200U haswell processor. But the Giada F300 still smaller than many hardcover books — and